Budo World

The 1st Budo World Seminar

The 1st Budo World Seminar

Date and Time: March 31, 2017 9:00
Location: Institute of Health and Sports Sciences, University of Tsukuba B510

Due to interactions with different cultures throughout the long history of Japan, Budo, which used to be a fighting technique, has developed as a unique physical culture of Japan that aims for self-cultivation and includes educational aspect. In addition to that, there is a clear distinction between Budo and techniques from other sports, as the former is shaped by the values characteristic to Japan. However, what is indigenous to our experience is seen as extremely peculiar from abroad, and there is a scholar tendency of trying to learn about Japanese culture through Budo based on this very interest. In this world trend Budo is a unique field where the Japanese hold a leading position. Nevertheless, our firm belief is that it is not sufficient to say that we understand Budo just because it originates from and appears to be the cultural heritage of our country. The objective of this seminar is to raise our academic level by consistent and thorough interdisciplinary discussion, looking at Budo research from the international perspective as a part of Japan studies.

•About Budo World Project

Toshinobu Sakai (University of Tsukuba)

•Research on Spiritual Aspect of Modern Kendo

Miki Norita (Faculty of Health and Physical Education, University of Tsukuba)

•Research on Educational Aspect and Internationalization of Karate

Iuliia Kim (Master’s Program, University of Tsukuba)

•Entertaining Aspect of Budo in Modern Japan: Based on Youth Associations

Yosuke Yoshimoto (Master’s Program, Tenri University)

•Analysis of Kata Tradition in Kenjutsu Schools: Comparison Among the Branches of Jikishinkageryu

Yoshitaka Karukome (Tenri University)

Contact: Sakai Toshinobu
Toshinobu Sakai, Junko Oishi, Yuji Arita, Makoto Saito, Akira Kozawa, Yoshitaka Karukome, Raita Murakami, Ryosuke Kawai, Yosuke Yoshimoto, Tatsuya, Ono, Iullia Kim, Miki Norita, Tomomi Abe, Yui Tajima

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The 2nd Budo World Seminar
Date and time: May 28, 2017 10: 00
Place: Institute of Health and Sports Sciences, University of Tsukuba B510
Presenter: Junko Oishi, Makoto Saito, Iuliia Kim